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10 Sustainable and Easy DIY Projects for your Home

Sustainable DIY Projects

I was chatting to my grandma recently who has just been crocheting a dishcloth out of bamboo wool. So simple for creating sustainable living, but so innovative!! So that got me thinking about what other easy ways are there for us to make sustainable DIYS for our home. I started my research, and realised that it was very hard to find a full list of easy crafts to help make our homes less disposable. So I made a list for you.

All of the patterns below, besides one crocheted, are knitted patterns. But don’t worry – they are very easy and you can definitely finish one of them in a day. And if you have any problems, let me know and I can guide you.

Here are the list of the patterns you can find below:

  1. Dish Cloths
  2. Shoppings Bags
  3. Cleaning Cloths
  4. Spa Cloths
  5. Make-up Removal Cloths
  6. Napkins
  7. Soap Poaches
  8. Scrubbies for the kids
  9. Scrubbers for Griddle Pans
  10. Christmas Decorations

10 Easy Knitting Projects with Free Patterns

  1. Dish Cloths

These are very easily knitted in an hour or two, and I just love the colours of these. They will definitely brighten up my kitchen, and not to mention save us having to buy and use the thin rags we buy for a dish cloth currently. And, the textured knit will help you with your scrubbing!!

Here are two free patterns: Just be Crafty (the ones in the picture) of The Daily Greens (these ones are knitted in a diagonal)

Sustainable Dish Cloth Knitting tutorial
  1. Shopping Bags

These are super cute! What better way to be sustainable than to put a stop to all those plastic bags and knit your very own grocery bag/s? This pattern seems quite easy to follow, and she suggests using a recycled yarn to take a step even further to sustainability.

Here is the free pattern: Mama in a Stitch

Knit a grocery bag
  1. Cleaning Cloths

Here is an easy to make, easy to reuse and recycle homemade dusting cloth!! According to research, microfibre cloths are essentially plastic and release more microfibre in the air which pollutes waters. Here is a blog post debating the use of microfibre cloths when trying to live green.

Here are the links: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mum (free crochet pattern) and Time to Craft (homemade cleaning spray)

  1. Spa Cloths

Doesn’t this just sound so luxurious? Again, this knitting pattern is super easy, and will be much better for us than those plastic scrunchies that I use because I haven’t thought of making one for myself. This might be my weekend craft sorted.

Here is the free pattern: Nemcsok Farms

  1. Make-up Removal Cloths

Yep, there are heaps of uses for the cloth patterns!! This one I think is ingenious, and saves all those cotton balls/pads from being used up (not to mention having to remember to buy them when you got to your shop – which I always forget). They are also super cute gift ideas!!

Here is the free pattern: Simply Notable

  1. Napkins

It makes sense, right? But who actually uses fabric napkins these days anyways? Well, these are really easy to knit and will make sure you won’t be throwing out paper napkins any time soon!! I also love the textured look to them.

Here is the free pattern: Nemcsok Farms

  1. Soap Poaches

What a brilliant way to extent the life of your soap! I know that with my soap a lot of the mushy end bits end up down the sink, am I right? This easy DIY will mean you will enjoy your soap longer, and you could double this as a scrubber (although you want to make sure you label with scrubber is for what using embroidery – I had to get embroidery into this post somehow). The best thing is, these are so easy to wash and reuse.

Here is the free pattern: Snap Dragon Life

  1. Scrubbies for the kids

I have yet to meet a kid who loves to go in the bath … Well these should help 🙂 It should also mean less plastic toys needed in the bath. Right? Well, anyways, they are super cute!!

Free pattern: Simply Notable

  1. Scrubber for Griddle Pans

This one I added because this is reusable and works well on griddle and cast-iron skillet pans. I have never tried it, but it looks like it could be a brilliant way of replacing those metal scrubbies that smell horrible and leave stains on the counter top. And did I mention that these are fully biodegradable? The only draw-back, as opposed to the other patterns above, is that you knit twine rather than wool and you it is recommended to order in a special cellulose sponge for the inside to make it biodegradable.

Here is the free pattern: Original Homesteading

Hand Knit Dish Scrubber
  1. Christmas Decorations

I HAD to add this one. They are just soo cute!! And they are sustainable because they will last forever and save all the plastic Christmas decorations.

Here is the free pattern: Italian Dish Knits

Okay, so that is my list of 10 easy sustainable DIYs that you can make for your home. Once you have made all of your reusable cloths, I found this blog post to be really helpful at explaining how to look after your cloths.

If you want more inspiration, here are some great blogs I have found to inspire my research into sustainable crafts and living:

Have fun with your DIY projects, and let me know if you give any of them a go!!

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