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How to Start Cross Stitching for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to learn to cross stitch? I love cross stitching!! If you would love to learn, I have attempted to explain the basic cross stitch below in this post and in a video tutorial. This post also includes an easy free pattern to cross stitch a heart. This pattern is great to glue onto hand-made cards.

How to start cross stitching for beginners

Basics of Cross Stitch

A cross stitch is, as the name suggests, a stitch that is worked into a cross. There is a joke that I just find so hilarious that was originally aired on Blackadder (which my husband and I use for EVERYTHING). So here it goes (and don’t judge me if you don’t find it funny): “There are two things you need to know about cross stitch: 1. It is a cross, (pause) and 2. it is a stitch.” Okay, so maybe re-read it in a mysterious voice. Does that make it more funny?

Okay, moving on.

The cross stitch is worked over a square. Like you can see in the image below, you start in the bottom right corner. I know I used to struggle with knowing whether the thread is supposed to be on top of the fabric or not, so here the thread comes from under the material to the top of the material.

A Drawing of a cross stitch

Once the thread is on the top of the material, move from the bottom right corner bringing the thread to the top left corner. This is the first line of the cross.

Next you stab the hole at the top left corner and bring the needle under the material. Once under the material move the needle down to the bottom left corner and bring the needle up through the hole. As you bring the needle up, move it to the top right corner and stab the needle in to the material to the bottom of the material.

Did that make sense? If you learn better from seeing, here is a video tutorial:

That is the basic cross stitch, and there are variations when you move upwards and downwards which I will explain in the next blog posts.

Try this tutorial out

Give this free pattern below a go to cross stitch a basic heart. I would recommend starting on an Aida cloth, which you can order here. To get the thread click here, and to get a needle click here. If you would like to get fancy, here is a link for a cute embroidery hoop and scissors.

One you have your fabric, I would suggest to start with your first cross stitch at the bottom cross in the pattern (make sure it is in the middle on the fabric where you would like the heart cross stitched). The pattern is 9 rows horizontally across, and 8 rows vertically, so if you start on the bottom-most cross stitch you will want to start 9 rows below where you want the top of the heart to be placed, and with 4 squares on either side to be in the middle of the pattern.

Crossstitch pattern for a basic heart

I love hearing stories of people starting to learn handcrafts! If you give the cross stitch a go, please let me know how you went in the comments.

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