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Simple DIY Christmas Projects For The Home

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I am someone who loves to give handmade Christmas gifts. I have a history of many different types of handmade gifts, and I always aim to make something different (depending on what crafts I have been learning during the year). This year, because it if the first Christmas I have had an embroidery business, I will probably incorporate some embroidery into them (or I might get bored and do knitting).

So, I wanted to create a list of free craft projects that YOU can do this Christmas. Because I found so many amazing projects, I will be creating different posts so you don’t get overwhelmed with all the possibilities!! I will also be creating free live sessions where I will be creating something from this list (depending on interest). The list will mix different types of crafts from basic origami to more focused knitting and embroidery (of course).

15 Simple DIY Christmas Projects

  • Christmas Baubles

These are my personal favourite, and I really enjoy crocheting them!! They are quick and easy to make, taking around an hour to make and include variations on the basic single crochet stitch. Here is the pattern: Laura’s Embroidery.

Christmas Bauble
  • Acorn Cap Ornament

This is such a cute ornament!! You will need to go on a walk in the forest for this one. Free instructions: Sweet Something Design

  • Felt Poinsettias

These are another simple craft to make!! They only require 5 things (including glue, scissors, pin and bottle cap – so things you probably already have around the house). Here is the free pattern: Sweet Something Design.

  • Travel Mug Cosy

A knitting project!! This one is done all in one, so not much sewing at all!! (Other than sewing the button). The pattern is called a fall pattern, but I thought it was perfect for a Christmas gift for hot chocolates and gloggi (mulled wine). Here is the free pattern: Lady and the Blog.

  • Pick a Pocket Cozy

Another travel mug cosy!! But this one is a bit more advanced, and SUPER cute with the tea bag pocket!! Here is the free pattern: Simply Notable.

  • Pint Sized Pines in a Cork Forest

Don’t we all have corks lying around the place? These are perfect ways of using up last bits of wool. Here is the free pattern: Simply Notable.

  • Citrus Ornaments

Now these are simply for the amazing smell they bring!!! They don’t require much handwork other than cutting the orange, drying it in the oven and then putting a clove in the middle. Here are the instructions: Simply Notable.

  • Ornaments for the birds

How cute are these? Not to mention how thankful the birds will be! Here is the recipe: Simply Notable.

  • Gift cardigans

Good use of left-over threads, and will make your thoughtful gift a step further!! Here is the free pattern: Simply Notable.

  • Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornament

This is a different handcraft, and would be great to do as a family!! I love how modern it looks, and how it feels so natural. Here is the free pattern: Fireflies and Mudpies.

  • Christmas Tree Bunting

Bunting is something I had never heard of before coming to the UK, and they are crazy about it here!! This pattern is crocheted. Here is the free pattern: Happy Berry.

  • Origami Christmas Tree

Who doesn’t want an origami Christmas Tree?? Here is the video tutorial: Origami Spirit.

  • Christmas Bells

I can think of many reasons to make these, mostly because they are super cute and because of the pearl bead. Here is the free pattern: Happy Berry.

  • Festive gift Tags

Doesn’t everyone get to wrapping the gift and realise you don’t have gift tags? … Maybe it is just me 😉 Anyways, I have mainly made my now gift tags. Sometimes with wire, sometimes cross stitch, an sometimes a good old-fashioned pen. haha. Here is the pattern for a crocheted gift tag: Happy Berry.

  • Crocodile Mini Christmas Tree

A really well made video tutorial goes through the crochet pattern, and as I watched it I started getting the crochet bug 😉 Here is the video tutorial: Happy Berry Crochet.

  • Lace Heart Decoration

This is a simple crochet pattern to spread love this Christmas. This is another really well made video tutorial: Happy Berry Crochet.

This was not an exhaustive list, but I like how different all the crafts are. Let me know if you have tried one, and post it tagging @lauraembroidery so I can see it!! What crafts would you like to see in the next blog post?

Have fun with your crafts,

Laura’s Embroidery