About Me

Hi! My name is Laura Campbell, and I created Laura’s Embroidery after I gifted some portraits to family and friends who loved the unique and personal details. I enjoy challenging myself to make my portraits as like the person I am embroidering as possible! No matter how long it takes. Talking about challenges, here I am below on my wedding day – and I am sure you cannot tell that a week before this I had just finished university (which I somehow managed to do while planning the wedding and finishing my final placement).

Embroidery has been something that has taken me longer to learn than other handcrafts. For a long time, maybe since I was born, I remember seeing my grandmother doing some sort of handcraft. After moving to Finland where she lives, I started getting interested in doing it myself. At school I was able to do handcrafts where I first learnt to crochet, knit, and then cross stitch. Since then I have taken what I learnt, taken what my grandmother has taught me, and used it all and more to create so many different types of handmade gifts. As you can probably tell, I thrive on the challenges of creating new projects 😀

Laura Campbell in car on wedding day
My wedding day

One of my greatest passions in life is travelling, which I have done a lot of (moving from Australia, to Finland, and am now Scotland). I also love writing blogs, and I have documented all my moves in my travel blog The Purple Orchid. Another of my greatest passions in life is handcrafts (anything from crocheting to embroidery), and Laura’s Embroidery allows me to combine my two passions: blogging and handcrafts.

If you would like to read more about me and/or the reasons why I created my business, head over to see my latest blog posts.

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Have a great day!!

Laura xx