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10 of the Most Awesome and Unique Types of Bookmarks

Everyone likes some kind of bookmark, right?

I don’t know about you, but I am someone who uses anything I can get may hands on as a bookmark. Whether it is a parking ticket, receipt or instructions manual (I am using one right now). But when I do manage to find a nice bookmark, especially a beautiful and inspiring one, I start to feel so excited to read my book and admire and feel my amazing ‘proper’ bookmark. Can anyone else relate?

This blog post is going to go through 10 of the most awesome and unique types of bookmarks there are in the world with some online tutorials for your own DIY projects.

Firstly, we will need to discuss the different ways that people mark their pages. I have found 3 different ways of marking a page, but are there any more? If there are let me know!! Which one are you?

3 Ways of Marking a page

Before we go on to talk about the different types of bookmarks, we need to discuss the different ways of making a page. And it could be that it entirely depends on your mood, on the season, where you are, who you are with etc. So here are the 3 main ways of marking a page:

  1. Proper bookmarks: made of cardboard, leather, fabric, rope, etc. They are usually beautifully designed with inspirational and motivational quotes/images printed on them. I will be going through 10 different types of these below (although I am sure there are more!). Personally, the bookmarks that you make for yourself, or get as gifts, are probably the most special ones (and definitely not the ones you get in the mail or at a conferences that are full of branding).
  2. Anything you can get your hands on: This kind of way to mark your page could include a plane/train/bus/parking ticket when you are travelling, a napkin (I have done that before, but not a used one – eww), a prescription (maybe some people do that), a sticky note, a card (I do this ALL THE TIME, I mean what else do you use cards for other than putting on your mantlepiece to collect dust?), clothing tags, etc. Can you add anymore to my list? Share this on social media and get a discussion going!!
  3. Folded corners, also called “dog ears”: The interesting technique some people use by bending down the top corner of a page (indenting it forever). I am really not sure why people would do this to a book, unless there is literally nothing else around them they can use. Guilty as charged!! I have to admit, I did this when I was younger.
10 types of bookmarks blog cover with 4 hand embroidered bookmarks in background

10 Types of bookmarks

So, this leads on to to the different types of ‘proper’ bookmarks. I did some searching online to find a lot of these (especially the last one), and so I thought I would add a tutorial if you are interested in making one for yourself. I know I am very inspired to make some of these!

  1. Hand-painted Card Bookmarks: For those extremely talented artists who can paint more than stick figures, this is where your beautiful bookmarks come in!! This is one of my favourite types of bookmarks because you can make it super personalised, it has a lovely feel to it, and the colours come out so vibrant!! I love these ocean ones below.
Hand-painted type of bookmark by TinyThings
  1. Embroidered Bookmarks: Beautifully-made bookmarks using embroidery techniques like cross stitch or other stitches (aka. the ones that I make). There are many embroidery packs you can get out there to start making some amazing embroidered bookmarks, and soon (if there is demand for it) I will be coming out with some of my own embroidered bookmark packs for you to make!! Let me know in the comments if you would be interested.
Embroidered Bookmark from Laura's Embroidery
  1. Metal Bookmarks: Made on metal, cut out of metal, engraved onto metal – basically any bookmark with metal. I like these personalised metal bookmarks with cute leather tassels.
Metal type of bookmark by CoachHouseForge
  1. Leather Bookmarks: There are so many different types of leather bookmarks out there!! love these simple and elegant leather bookmarks with different colour main and tassel leather.
Leather type of bookmark by Swag and Tassel
  1. Corner Bookmarks: Bookmarks made from paper or fabric that slide onto the corner of the page without damaging the book. There are heaps of cute tutorials on making an origami corner bookmark, and so I decided to attach a tutorial for a butterfly corner bookmark. This one below is such a lovely colour and a great personalised gift idea!
Corner type of bookmark by HurleyBurley
  1. Ribbon Bookmarks: Can be as basic, as a strand of ribbon, or as complex as you would like. Here is a tutorial for an easy DIY ribbon bookmark.
Ribbon type of bookmark by MareMarks
  1. String/Tassle Bookmark: Bookmarks made out of string which usually have a tassle attached to it. Here is a very easy and quick tutorial on how to make a Tassle Bookmark.
String or Tassle type of bookmark by Kutuu
  1. Bookmark clips: These can be made using a paper clip, magnetic strips, cardboard, or any other creative clips. I found a really cute tutorial for make a heart-shaped bookmark clip using a paper clip <3
Clip type of bookmark by Dibor

9. Beaded bookmark: Bookmarks that are a thin piece of material that slide into the book that ends up looking like a beautiful piece of jewellery. Here is a tutorial on a beaded bookmark. I love the turquoise colour of these beads below!!

Thong or Beaded type of bookmark by BeckyAndVince
  1. Macrame Bookmark: I added this one at the last minute! I was talking to my parents-in-law last night and they suggested that I could try making rope and macrame art, which I was super interested in. And then I got thinking, surely there is such a thing as a macrame bookmark!! So I found it along with a brilliant tutorial for you all to try out. Again, I love this colour (you might be able to tell how much I love blue!) and the gorgeous pattern in the bookmark below.

Personally, my favourite is the embroidered, macrame and hand-painted bookmarks. I love the unique and hand-made aspects of these bookmarks. But then they can all be hand-made, so that isn’t much of a reason – is it?

What type of bookmark did you like best? Have I missed any out? Let me know in the comments, and if you give any of the tutorials above a go do show me a picture!! I would love to see your bookmarks!!

10 types of bookmarks with embroidered cactus freedom bookmark in background

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